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17th Mar 2016
The Geography and Religious Studies departments have collaborated to celebrate St....

Key Stage 3 Overview

Yr8 Theme for the year - Community

Yr9 Theme for the year – Violence, conflict and peacemaking

Yr10 Introduction to Christian ethics – GCSE part 1

GCSE Overview CCEA specification

Yr11: Introduction to Christian ethics – part2 (50% taken by written paper at end of Yr11)

Yr12 The Christian churches – The Catholic tradition and one Protestant tradition (50% taken by written paper at end of Yr12). There is no controlled assessment in RS.

A-Level Overview CCEA specification

Religious ethics: principles, practice and society

Philosophy of religion



NH Martin HOD

H McGuire

N O’Hara (KS3 only)

Religious and moral education is a process in which young people engage in a search for meaning, value and purpose in life.  Religious Studies within the curriculum involves the academic exploration of beliefs, values and attitudes. Pupils study a range of religious traditions including Christianity, as well as other major world faiths.