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Heart Start Certificates Presented

21st Mar 2018

Recently, a group of Year 13 pupils were awarded with certificates, having successfully completed the ‘Heart Start’ course. This programme, set up by the British Heart Foundation, aims to teach people of all ages Emergency Life Support skills, thus raising the standard and percentages of resuscitation.

Emergency Life Support is a set of actions needed to keep someone alive until professional help arrives. It includes CPR - chest compressions and rescue breathing. Other actions include dealing with choking, serious bleeding and how to recognise when someone is having a heart attack.

School Nurse Mrs Acheson said, “Since the programme was introduced into Down High in 2013 we have successfully taught a total of 290 pupils, plus 10 support staff”.

She continued: “In June 2016, classroom assistant Mrs Billingsley, teacher Mr Gunson and I organised a special CPR day for Years 8, 9, & 10. It was another invaluable initiative by the British Heart Foundation, entitled ‘Call Push Rescue’, which only teaches CPR. In one day we managed to train over 370 pupils using equipment supplied by the BHF, and overall it was very successful”.

Certificates: Pictured are the Year 13 pupils receiving their Heart Start certificates. Mrs Billingsley (left) and Mrs Acheson (right) are also pictured.